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Species : Angora cat
Quote : “I’m not letting these people down if I can help them”
Status : alive

Graft : On right hand. Seemingly organic, produce electricity at will.

Marianne is the last furran who was incarcerated in the cellblock before the Escape. She played a large part in it, destroying the guardian robots with Joshua, and deactivating the forcefield generator which kept the other furrans locked in.
The gem grafted in her hand mutated into an electricity-producing organ when Marianne got shocked by a computer. This is the first time this phenomenon is observed – the other furrans only get a physical boost from it. Producing energy seems to be a tiring activity.
Marianne is a cheerful and altruistic girl with a heart of gold, and somewhat shy, but she isn’t afraid to stand up for her convictions. The lack of clothing got her easily flustered as she didn’t get any time to adjust to it.
She and Joshua don’t get along very well, and she seems to take a liking to Zacharian.



Species : Hedgehog
Quote : “Come on ! I’m just being realistic here.”
Status : alive

Graft : On left hand. Provides a physical boost.

Joshua was Marianne’s cellmate during the short while between her arrival and the Escape. Unlike Marianne, he had been there for a few weeks, witnessing how uncivilized furrans could be ; he got a bit more cynical as a result. He played a large part in the Escape, especially when fighting the guardian robots, even if he was suggesting to leave the other prisoners behind when there was no apparent solution to free them.
Joshua has a short temper, but also knows to keep his head cool when things go haywire. He always tries to find easy and pragmatic ways to solve problems, without getting sidetracked.
As a result of weeks of forced nakedness, Joshua lost a bit of his modesty, and doesn’t hesitate to tease Marianne and Sarah about it. He’s also NOT interested in Marianne, or so he keeps saying.



Species : Cow
Quote : “Eyes up there, boy.”
Status : alive

Graft : On left shoulder. Provides a physical boost.

Sarah is a joyful and nice person. She is also a bit on the heavy side. However, as she is tall (actually taller than Joshua, much to his dismay) and quite strong, any comment about her weight or cup size will likely have unpleasant consequences.
Sarah usually cares for others’ welfare before her own. After she and Morgane met, she became the bunny girl’s replacement mom, and protects her fiercely. She tend to play the mother with other members of the group too, either to comfort or to scold. She and Zacharian are in a relationship.
Her graft enhanced her already impressive strength, so much that she’s now able to throw people single-handedly.



Species : Zebra
Quote : “I’m the nicest guy on this side of the planet. Second, tops.”
Status : alive

Graft : On left breast. Provides a physical boost.

Usually a nice and distinguished man, Zacharian (Zach for friends) has a very annoying weakness : his fear of heights. Being forced on a high ground makes him cranky and uneasy. That is why his long incarceration (around 1 month) on the top floor of the cellblock took a toll on his manners and sharpened his tongue. According to him, only by keeping his mind busy he managed to not go crazy.
Sarah distrusted him at first, trying to protect Morgane from the male threat. But after a while, they warmed up to each other, and ended up together.
Zacharian is quite resourceful in the wild, leaving the group to think he might have been a boy scout before.



Species : Rabbit
Quote : “I just want the voices to go away…”
Status : alive

Graft : On the forehead. Provides a physical boost, might be the cause of delirious episodes.

Morgane is a troubled girl. Not only her body is quite weak (even with the physical boost from the graft), but her mind is in shambles. This is probably due to her old cellmate, back before Sarah and Zacharian met her. The man apparently abused her until Sarah came in and made him stop rather brutally.
However, the damage has been done, and Morgane has been getting nightmares and delirious episodes ever since. She stops at nothing to make the voices go away once they start talking, including banging her head on the walls. Sarah seems to be the only one who can calm her. Since the Escape though, the frequency of those episodes decreased greatly, maybe because Morgane got out of the unpleasant cellblock environment.



Species : Deer
Quote : “Pleasure to meet you, miss.”
Status : unknown

Graft : Between the shoulder blades. Provides a physical boost.

Alan is a chivalrous and gentlemanly deer, ready to die to save people. He’s very caring about the well-being of those around him and never raises his voice – it’s just a waste of energy for very little result. He’s also quite the sweet talker and really enjoys the company and attention of females.
He went missing after saving Marianne from a fall in a deadly torrent, unable to keep himself from falling in.


The leopard kid

Species : Snow leopard
Quote : “Sorry.”
Status : unknown

Graft : Right forearm. Provides a physical boost.

While the group never learnt the name of this shy kid, he managed to save their lives by shooting the armored soldier who was about to kill them. How he deals with everything happening around him is unknown.
He went missing when the bridge leading to the second facility collapsed during the Escape, dropping him into the river below.



Species : Pigeon
Quote : “What do you mean dangerous ?”
Status : deceased

Graft : Right breast. Provides a physical boost.

Alyssa is very carefree, probably because of her young age. She’s not stupid – just really optimistic. She even managed to keep mostly happy even when caged in her cell. However, after being drafted as a scout by Kharu during the escape, she saw scenes of war at every corner of the facility. While Kharu himself just shrugs upon seeing them, young Alyssa has been quite shaken.
Unfortunately, soon after scouting the exterior of the facility entrance, she died from a sniper shot through the head.



Species : Arctic wolf
Quote : “I don’t like surprises.”
Status : deceased

Graft : Right thigh. Provides a physical boost.

After Marianne and Joshua freed all the furrans during the Escape, Kharu took the position of leader. It’s a common guess that Kharu was part of the military before, as he ordered people around very naturally – and nobody seemed to challenge his authority. He knew that strength lies in numbers, and wouldn’t have any ‘petty infighting’ jeopardize the Escape. Even if that meant beating some sense into the fighters by himself.
However, just before he could order everyone to sneak through the main door of the facility, he died from a sniper shot through the chest.