Sorry for missing last week’s update. It was because of a bit of poor planning, a non negligible portion of technical problems and a hefty lack of time because of job hunting.

The technical problem, namely Photoshop going kaboom on me and stubbornly refusing to restart afterwards, finally made me switch to SAI. I must say that’s it has been a very pleasant experience so far, and that I’ll probably keep working with it from now on. The only weak point is the absence of text layers, so I had to reinstall PS just for that… But it’s mostly behaving now.

The job hunting problem, on the other hand, doesn’t look like it’s gonna end anytime soon. I’ve been unemployed for a little while now, which means no steady income anymore 😡 I’m in no immediate danger of not being able to pay the rent, but if you want to help me, donations or commissions are very welcome. You can donate by clicking on the puppy-eyed Morgane, and detais for commissions are on my Fur Affinity page. Thanks !

See you next week :3