I decided to go with a silent page this week. I felt no real need for audio effects.

Also, cave-ins are for chumps who can’t tear down a mountainside with their bare hands. Tune in next week for the last page of Chapter 2 🙂


First, Chapter 2 is coming to an end very soon, and I plan to have a little “ask the cast” comic again before Chapter 3 starts. So if you have questions, feel free to send me an email or to go to my Tumblr page and ask away ! ^^

Second, as stated previously, Chapter 2 is coming to an end, and I’m looking for some G17 fan art / fan comics to put between chapters, interwined with the “ask the cast” comics. Interested ? Feel free to send me an email so I can give you the details :3

And third but not least, I’m still open to commissions ! You can check the details on my Fur Affinity and my Deviant Art pages. This is my only source of income right now, so your help is much appreciated ! ^^

Thanks for reading 🙂